Bedtime Eating Secrets

I have changed my website so that it functions more as a process-led lab for ongoing work. There are a few initiatives that I’m involved with that I will write about here over the coming months.

I’m gearing up for this Saturday’s Bedtime Eating Secrets event at the Brickhouse in the East End (25th). It’s organised by the fabulous Alexa of The Experimental Food Society. Eating Secrets is developing for next year’s summer show in Novi Sad as part of a research project with Paola Tubaro at the University of Greenwich so this comes at a good time. Mertle is spending the day on a bed / in bed at the Bed Bar, third floor of the Brickhouse. All those with a secret on eating welcome. You get something in return. Out with those dubious fairy cakes though and in with a ritual for each secret giver. Open wide.

Mertle and Matt Cook Live

In the evening, Mertle takes to the stage with Matt, head chef of the Brickhouse, to regurgitate the secrets. Live action with whisk and flame.

2 thoughts on “Bedtime Eating Secrets

  1. Dear Caroline

    I have been meaning to get in touch since hearing you give your paper in Loughborough last month. I just wanted to say how much Ienjoyed your discussion of your practice and would really like to learn and see more. My research is leading me toward more performative work which is entirely new to me. You made it seem less intimidating – particularly the engagement with a strange audience on quite an intimate level.

    Perhaps I could come a meet you in Greenwich sometime?
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks! I really enjoyed the conference – great crowd, really stimulating. Felt very authentic. Do come to Greenwich! Come into the university and we can have a chat.

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