I Looked You In The Eye at the Royal Festival Hall, Vogue Fabrics and Clifford Chance

The interesting thing about the performance is the emphasis on making silence through looking. There’s so much ‘doing’ between two in all that stillness and expansiveness. Q was not me, as the participants who were my friends pointed out, but there was a strange and compelling familiarity to those that I knew, and actually to those I didn’t. Each experience was wildly different. Parting with the other became harder. My skirt is now full of pins and stitches and my head is full of moments. From time to time, I wonder what X is doing or whether Y is still seeing Q in others.

I wonder what prompted the tears and what ignited the heat.

Here’s a review in DIVA:


The above photo is Q at the boardroom table, where her performances were 30 floors up at Clifford Chance, 10, Upper Bank Street, London, E14. Shot by Christa Holka.

There are talks underway to extend the project. If it goes to plan, it’s going to be mighty thrilling.

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