Mertle Merman’s BUTOH CLEANSE ‘N’ QUEER UP at the Hayward Gallery, London

by Christa Holka, 2011

Mertle joins the Avant Gardeners (  at the Hayward Gallery, London SE1 Sunday 17th June at 3pm for a Butoh-inspired ritual cleanse and queer up of the tent and surrounding areas. Come along and participate – the deep cleanse is to die for.

This is all in aid of a week long programme of queer home economics Fritz Haeg’s Sundown Schoolhouse.

Avant Gardening are also making a fanzine and have invited Mertle to have a Problem Page on all matters cleaning and a-cleansing.

Now, you might have a question about cleaning an aspect of your gorgeous homes-and-garden. Perhaps your nautical theme has left your carpet dripping wet. Your pedigree partner puked up and stain busters refused to bust. Or you may – dirty blighters that some of you are- have a question about cleaning your actual selves. Who knows.
All questions will be answered by Mertle. The best will win a Prize. At the very least you can scrub off that perma-stain.

All questions answered next Sunday, 3pm.

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