Louche Women at the Poetry Place

Louche Women – a new talk show with poet / comic and psychoanalyst Liz Bentley and I – sheds light on issues that are lurking underneath. Unlike most comedy partnerships, Liz and I don’t know each other. We aren’t long term buddies nor did we meet at Footlights or Drama Sock. We like similar things though (kind of), though most of the time I go round to Liz’s place at the Peckham Health Centre and eat while I put my bad foot up.┬áThis month at the Poetry Place in Covent Garden sees us talking about siblings, women, age and visibility – we are joined by the very impressive Bridget Sojourner from Channel 4′s Fabulous Fashionistas. We are doing our surreal The Thing is the Thing – a competition of sorts – and then the enigmatic London icon Richard Strange – he if the standing ovation last week at the Royal Festival Hall join us on hard backed chairs. The lights are low, the music’s out there, the comedy will ignite – we are waiting on you. Hurry up!