The Syllable Walks

Following on from BARDO, an audio walk through London’s West End exploring women’s writing, I remain intrigued by moving between the mythic and the mundane through walking.

Inspired by a silent retreat at Taraloka earlier this month, I made a series of Syllable Walks. These routine walks were devised as a predetermined number of steps: one syllable per step, then the experience written onto the page. Decision, step, page. I chose walks that were familiar: between dining room urn and kitchen fridge; bedroom and farm track; cabin and canal.

A syllable walk can be done anywhere, with the simple intention of mindfully walking a predetermined number of syllables as steps, and documenting the end point through text and image. Then standing still. Chipping away at the words.




Fifty feet


On a path to Tara

Sticky souls

Please leave wet.