B A R D O – An experiential Audio Walk in London

Supported by the Arts Council of England, join the Feminist Library on a guided audio walk to rediscover London’s feminist literary history. Led by writer-in-residence Caroline Smith, the walk visits feminist landmarks both real and imagined, exploring London through the voices of a book character and a librarian at the Feminist Library. The project has seen groups walk from the Feminist Library to Camden People’s Theatre and the British Museum. An audio exploring women’s voices, a character (played by the amazing Maggie Nicols) tells of her journey through London finding lost words, and a Librarian (played by real life Feminist Library-administrator/librarian Sarah O’Mahoney) talks about women’s London. It’s set against an original soundtrack by musician Stuart Bowditch.

We wander through Waterloo, the Thames, theatre land and Bloomsbury. As the Library is moving next year, the walk is also a contemplation of what it is to move between realms, and to take up belongings and go on a journey. what is transformed? What remains? What is found? Each walk has sold out.

Here’s the promo video.


To find out more, and to book a walk, email admin@feministlibrary.co.uk

Photo credit: Minna Haukka

Photo credit: Minna Haukka


I am excited to announce new work, as Writer in Residence at the Feminist Library.

B A R D O       

is an interconnected workshop series and art project exploring liminal space and experience through writing, meditation and site.


Four Saturdays beginning 10th September, 3pm-5.15pm Feminist Library

We invite all who identify as women, trans and gender queer to a series of four workshops with Feminist Library Writer-in-Residence Caroline Smith, to explore the imaginative realm of creative writing and meditation. Sessions start with simple asanas to aid writing with yoga teacher Kat Hymas.
Bardo is a Tibetan word depicting a realm of transition. Often it is assumed to be undesirable – not for the faint-hearted, full of uncertainty and unrest, suspended between life and death. But we will use the notion of the Bardo as a creative strategy, mirroring the precarious situation at the Library as it faces eviction; change is essential for its survival, so we will explore ways in which writing is the starting point for departure.
On October 8th, as part of Camden People’s Theatre’s feminist festival Calm Down Dear, we will perform an audio walk based on our writings, enabling the audience to experience a Bardo between the Library and the Theatre; between archive and black box.

For more info and to book workshops:
email admin@feministlibrary.co.uk with B A R D O in the subject line (sliding scale fee of £5/ £10 /£20 per session.

The WALK – programmed for Calm Down, Dear 2016 at Camden People’s Theatre

October 8th 3.15pm, meet at Feminist Library

An experiential audio walk with live readings from the Feminist Library in Waterloo to Camden People’s Theatre in Euston. The walk itself last 1 hour and 10 minutes. Please wear comfortable footwear. Walkers start at the Feminist Library for refreshments at 3.15pm. We finish at approximately 5.45pm.

To book a place, please visit www.cptheatre.co.uk

Any questions, please drop me or Sarah at the Feminist Library a line! I look forward to welcoming you.

The B A R D O Windows

Finnish artist Minna Haukka and I will be ‘dressing’ the windows at Camden People’s Theatre as an outpost of the Feminist Library October 3rd-9th.

We are also delighted to welcome artist Emma Thatcher to the project.

Micro Performances & Readings at Feminist Library Winter Fayre

Featuring a series of one-off readings and performances in spaces throughout the Library, as well as zines and makers, and a glass or two of something mulled.

This is an intersectional feminist event open to all.

We are asking for donations on the door, all of which go towards supporting the Feminist Library. Suggested donation £4

PERFORMANCES – Programmed by Feminist Library Writer in Residence Caroline Smith:

Holler the holidays, seize the seasonal with micro performance and flash fiction at the Feminist Library. At intervals throughout the event. Two floors. Live.

1pm – Rachael House: a ritual and a reading: Red Hanky Panky Repositioned (Feminist Library entrance)
1.30pm – Olumide Popoola: This is not about sadness (classroom)
2pm: Chloe Cooper: Kickers (Periodicals Room)
2.30pm: Greta Sykes: Under Charred Skies (a secret lover) (Kitchen / Reading Room)
3pm: Caroline Smith: Untitled (Staircase)

4pm: Jenny Moore: The Poet Morgan Parker Wrote There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé And I Agree Except That She Is Still So Beautiful. (Lift – this work will be for an audience of 2 at a time)
4.30pm: Anita Ponton The Letter (classroom)
5pm: Rachael House: a ritual and a reading: Red Hanky Panky Repositioned (Feminist Library entrance)
5.30pm: Maggie Nicols: Live Set (Downstairs classroom)

TABLES – confirmed to sell zines, crafts and much much more are:-
Good Being a Girl
House of Astbury
Love Sex Hate Sexism
Bad Mouth/Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable
Eliza Agar Press
Queer Deco
Myriad Editions
Rachael House and Minna Haukka
The Feminist Library Bookshop
What Julia Made


Feminist Library

5 Westminster Bridge Road

London SE1 7XW


announcing Louche Women’s Autumn Season

Louche Women the inimitable live evening I co host with Sue Kreitzman at the Poetry Place, 22 Betterton Street, London, returns 16th September for its Autumn season dedicated to… SCI-FI. Check out the gigs page for the next gig, and news of guests and live muscians. Warm your autumn third Wednesday of each month with Louche Women as Sue Kreitzman and I travel into the depths of space via Dr Who, the absence of women, the presence of women, monstrous mothers, aliens and life on Mars.

This photo is from my Louche Heads – at each Louche Women, I wear a themed headpiece. This one is from our SEX show – and is After Meret Oppenheim. (With a dash of Pussy Riot).

Photo credit: michelemartinoli.com

Consciousness Raised By Daleks – Meet Mandy

New work in development.

Photo credit: michelemartinoli.com


Consciousness Raised by Daleks is my new show in development. Formed from a writing retreat in Scotland, my love of sci fi and body horror films, it kickstarts a residency at the Feminist Library. Set in a dystopian future, would it be such a bad thing if Daleks ran the world? Mandy who works in their call centre doesn’t think so, until she finds something that could change everything…


The show is in early stages and a taster will be scratched at Camden People’s Theatre 20th September for its fantastic feminist festival, Calm Down Dear!